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Thanks for the details.

- Is the port same as a pin?
- If port is same as a pin, how can I use one port on Due to set 4 ports on SRAM?


Take a look at the Due schematic.
The processor appears to have three 32-bit ports.
Not all pins on all ports are available to you as a user.
You will have to decide which you want to use for address creation, which for data manipulation, which pins to use for control signals.
Pick the pins with software manipulation of bytes in mind for address & data.
Keep contiguous bits where you can so you're not stuck doing a lot of manipiulation to send out an address or read in a databyte.
I've not used a Due before, I'm just going by what makes sense to me as hardware designer try to make the software as easy as possible.
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That is one thing I never understood about boards made by the arduino team. They never seem to break out all the pins and yet charge lots of money for the boards. I am sure they can break out more pins and still make a big profit. Also according to the datasheet http://www.atmel.com/Images/doc11057.pdf Right on the first page you will notice

Static Memory Controller (SMC):
SRAM, NOR, NAND support. NAND Flash
controller with 4-kbyte RAM buffer and ECC

The SAM3X8E family of parts has for External Bus Interface

16-bit data,
8 chip selects,
23-bit address


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What about this:
8MBytes, 11 wires only, compatible with EMB-SMC bus, existing driver for DUE interface with 4.3MBytes/sec - see the topic.
You can connect several modules in various configurations.
It has got an autoincrement, so you set the initial address and then just write/read the data..

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