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I am looking to build a LED Clock using the following
* Freetronics Arduino Eleven Board
* Freetronics Real Time Clock with RAM
* Freetronics Dot Matrix Display 32x16

The idea is to Display the Time in 24Hr on one line and the Date on the second line (03-Jan). I have tried and cant get my head around how to do this. What i am looking for is someone to help me with writing the code for this. Once someone has helped me with the code i will be able to work it out for future upgrades. I am looking to put this in a fire station in there operations room.



There are several things you need to get working to complete this project.

Have you identified them yet? Have you tried to achieve any of them yourself? Which ones are you stuck on, and where have you got with them so far?

If you have no idea where to start and want somebody to take an active part in implementing this project with you (rather than just help you past specific problems) you should ask in the Gigs and Collaborations section of the forum.
I only provide help via the forum - please do not contact me for private consultancy.


Or you could buy my Wise Clock 4 kit which has the above mentioned features and much more.


I have all the parts just need help with the overall project


So, work out what you need to do, divide the work into small steps, and start on the first step.

Where have you got to so far, apart from buying the hardware?
I only provide help via the forum - please do not contact me for private consultancy.

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