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Hi there,

I'm looking at making use of the SoftwareSerial library to primarily monitor the serial output of my alarm system. It sends out an event in a packet of 30 bytes with byte 30 being a checksum byte. There is no defined start and end byte. I'll probably need to implement a scrolling window method to find the first valid packet whereafter it should easy.

I need to be able to read this in via the SoftwareSerial library in a byte array form, and not in a char array. Having these is byte form will make my further parsing a lot easier.

Please if anyone can assist, it would be much appreciated.


PLease post your code sofar?


uint8_t buffer[60];

if you have read 60 bytes you are sure you have captured a sequence of 30 ...

What baud rate do you use? SWserial is not the most reliable one. Is the HW serial occupied?
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