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I have some kinkd of meter like this (much newer, but still it has only rotary star and numbers - no pulses or LED).
Have you figured out any better way?
Could you post photo of system working?

PS: (And also - if you please could share the code for the electricity meter [which counts pulses and send them - i'm planning to use RF24].

I haven't figured out a better way, but I managed to make the thing work with some frequency filtering (a kind of "hight pass filter").
It works but the setup is not very stable, as I said in my first post (sensitive to external light, and mechanical vibrations)
Here is a picture:

For the electricity I'm not counting pulses, I measure the voltage and current and use the openenergymontor libraries to do the power calculations. I send the data through Ethernet to a web server, so I don't think the code would help you (it is a mess any way :) ).


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