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I'm relatively new to controlling motors and was wondering if it is feasible to control 4 DC motors with encoders through 2 Dual VNH2SP30 driver carriers (MD03A) and a single Arduino mega? I am currently working my way through controlling a single motor with this setup making it rotate a specified number of turns at set speeds and hope to eventually have up to 4 motors moving independently.

Thank you


Your project should be feasible in general. Reading encoders and operating motors with PID controllers are common tasks for Arduinos. Do you encounter special problems with your first experiments?

The feasibility of your specific project depends on your special requirements, WRT encoder and load types, gear boxes and acceleration/speed precision. For more specific assistance more details are required.


I actually have a more specific post about my current issues over in the motors section of the forum. I was just looking to see if it was feasible in general here, I'm sure i'll be asking more in depth questions as the project develops. Thanks for your reply

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