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Hey guys!

I currently own an Arduino Motorshield, but it only seems to have ports for tinkerkit modules. Is there any way that I could connect it to a standard servo and PING sensor to create a simple autonomous robot? If not, would the seeed studio motor shield be a valid alternative? The only products available to me would be items that I could find at a Radioshack or similar store (I don't really currently have the option to order anything online from Makershed, Adafruit, etc). Please help! I'm really lost :(


What do you mean by servo? A stand servo only moves 180 degrees. Maybe you mean a servo modified for continuous rotation?.

Or maybe you mean a DC motor. Servo and motor are not interchangeable terms.



I was going to attach two motors for the bot to move around, but I was wondering if I could also mount a PING sensor and possibly a servo to mount the sensor on.


Yea you can do that, but does your motor shield allow you to control 2 motors AND a servo? What kind of motor shield do you have that way we can properly help you?

Post a link to your type shield if you can.
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