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Hi there,

I have succeeded in wiring one of my srf02 ultra sonic sensors to my arduino uno and have it feeding back to my serial monitor with distances, which I am very please about! owed to this tutorial http://arduino.cc/en/Tutorial/SFRRangerReader. I have also changed its ID and have done this with my other sensors so that they can be used all on the same line.

However I am unsure of how to go about wiring 4 of these sensors to my arduino board, can I connect them in parellel and if so could anyone explain in lamens terms exactly how to do it please? As I do not have enough analogue ports I need to wire them all up to A5 and A4, do I just put all the wires straight into arduino or do I need to connect to a breadboard and have some more complicated circuit. A diagram would be most appreciated as I find the wiring the most tricky bit!

Hope someone can help,

many thanks in advance,



You just hook them all to Power, Ground, A4 and A5.

The I2C bus needs pull-up resistors on both signal wires.  Since the diagrams don't show them I'm guessing the library uses the internal pull-ups.
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