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i'm looking to make a series of floor lamps to use on a stage setting. the simple LEDs that I have are clearly not bright enough.

so what kind of options do i have for really bright LEDs?

and how would you control a bigger light with arduino? say a normal lamp?


For LEDs you could use a high power LED with a driver. For controlling a regular lamp you would need a relay


thanks. what is an example of a high power LED with a driver ? maybe on a site like adafruit?

and how does the relay work? (i imagine it's something like when you put your lights on a timer)


thanks, this is really interesting to me :)


Yea me too. Now the LED I linked to is insanely bright, its as powerful as 3.5 maglites. If you want less just search ebay for 1w or 3w led


Shoot, just get some 15-20,000 mCD superbright white LEDs, make yourself blind with just 20mA.
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Yea i just posted that one since i am using it for a current project. It puts out 456 lumens

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