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I thought up this crazy idea to make one of the droids that scoot around all over the place on the death star. The little black squeaky things that stormtroopers chase.

I plan on doing this by hacking a cheap RC car. The plan is to hook the car to an arduino, the motor and steering. I don't know how exactly I will do that, but it seems pretty feasible.
Once I can control all the moving parts of the RC car. I was planning on using a sensor for each side of the droid to measure distance. Use that information to control the direction that it moves about.

There is something that I am a little worried about though. It is going to be moving at a pretty good speed, say I use an ultrasonic range finder. If the droid is moving I'm worried the range finder will not work properly, because the signal that bounces back to the range finder to calculate the distance, will be at a previous state from where the sensor actually is.

Hope that makes since.

If anybody knows of a better sensor/solution to my problem. please let me know, its driving me nuts. I think this will be pretty cool if I can get it too work. 


Get it working when everything is stationary before you worry about problems from it moving.


True, that is what I need to do first. But I am making a parts list, and them ultrasonic range finders are pretty expensive when you are going to at least need three of them. I would hate to spend $70 or better and them not work properly for my needs.


So get one to test, and if it works get another one, then the third. NOTE: you can NOT read all three sensor simultaneously, only individually.
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Do you really need three sensors? How about using a single sensor steered by a servo?


I have done something like that before with something similar to a Boe-Bot. That works great if you are not concerned on how quick it needs to measure then decide its next move. Them droids are fast little boogers though.

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