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how you would construct a touch sensor with recycling material? something that could be pressed by feet  with shoes not with feet naked?

thanks to all


While I can't give you a specific answer I would suggest that you search for DIY DDR mats as they use something similar to what you want.


You could wire the switch to an electric shock generator, so people wouldn't want to switch it with bare feet   ;D
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Is this something that people will walk on?  A pedal switch for a game controller?

How it will be used makes a big difference in how you should design it.



Use a pressure pad or mat, of the sort used in home security alarms.


Okay, here's something I have done.  Take a thin piece of foam, squishable material, about 1/8 to 3/16 inch thick.  Every inch and a half or so, cut a about 3/4 of an inch circle hole.  Keep doing this until you have a grid like pattern.  Take two pieces of aluminum foil and put one on top of the foam and one on the bottom like a sandwich.  Connect wires to the foil.  When someone steps on it, the foil pieces touch through the holes.  
Hope that helped!


And if you make the foam conduction foam, the sort of stuff they pack electronics in, you can make the resistance proportional to how much it is compressed and have a variable foot pedal.


thanks everybody! yes something similar to a DDR...the problem is that the installation will be built in the street in november or maybe in a rail station...so if its rains..... :o

i woul do something non-conductive if its possibile to do....

however yours ideas make me think a lot!   ;)

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