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i just bought my son a couple of radioshack 7-segment red led 0.3" digital displays.. (since we are awaiting different ones to come in that we bought on ebay.. the pins are different). i haven't found any real tutorials on these, and i have come across other people having the same issue..

the back of the package says:

1. anode F
2. anode G
3. no pin
4. common cathode
5. no pin
6. anode E
7. anode D
8. anode C
9. anode RHDP
10. no pin
11. no pin
12. common cathode
13. anode B
14. anode A

have a look here for back of package..


can anybody please tell us exactly how to hook this up... we have an arduino 2560...

thank you..



How are you planning to use it - multiplex by driving 1 anode High at a time while the common cathodes are connected to each other with a series resistor to Gnd?
Or by driving all anodes at once each with their own series resistor, with the 2 common cathodes connected to Gnd?
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we just want to make it work lol..

seriously tho,we want to click a button and make it count up and then start over i'm not sure about what you are asking, it's our first digit led

based on the exact one, we just would like to wire it up, but have not seen any tuts for this specific 7-segment led

basically we just don't get this thing, no matter how we wire it up...

we want to know how to hook this one up, pins are lined up differently (we also don't see a pin 14... 13 is the highest)... so that loses us right there.


13 is the highest

But you posted pin 14's connection in the original post.

Sure the pin numbers are different but the circuit will be the same, just change it to the pin numbers you have.

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