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Can you give me an example of how to properly invoke a constructor from another file?

You already have that. When you declare an instance, like:
Code: [Select]
Cat cat1;
the constructor is called to create cat1. You do NOT directly invoke the constructor. Ever.

Even using pointers,
Code: [Select]
Cat *pCat = new Cat();
is not directly invoking the constructor. The constructor IS invoked, but indirectly, just as in the object case.

I do not have a problem with any of the other classes I have and I handled them the same way so i dont really see what the problem is.

That is not true. You are NOT handling them the same way:
Code: [Select]
static Ghost ghost1;

There is no attempt to call to the constructor, like so:
anywhere in the code. That would be equivalent to the incorrect code I pointed out.


You do NOT directly invoke the constructor. Ever.

unless you use placement new


unless you use placement new

That's still using new to indirectly invoke the constructor, as I read it. Not that placement new is supported on the Arduino.

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