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im complete dummy when it come to something like this, i can open my pc take it apart, give a dust down a put it bk together  but this is a whole new level to me (most probley 10 level lol).

i seen a few of these been used to contol an aquarium but i would like a bit sorry a lot more help with this as in what bits i need and the biggest one is progamming.

i start of what i want it to do i want it to run a series of led lights, which it will brighten, and dim them plus turn them of all at preset times.

i want it to control a couple of powerheads (motors) increasing and decreaseing power and so on

plus i want it to read a few figures from ph, tempature (plus controlling a heater) and a few others down the line

also i would like a touch sceen to display all these figures and so i can override these settings with out connecting it bk to a computer

and down the line add internet so can see and control this by phone or something while im out or away

im sorry i think im asking a lot but if dont ask i never learn


All of this is plausible and much of it done before - searching the forums for aquarium should get you a large number of hits, some today IIRC. A bit of general googling should produce an abundance of reading material to get ideas.


Pretty much any digital reading from an aquarium except for temp is going to very expensive, just be prepared for that.


Reading material:

Google forum search: Use Google Search box in upper right side of this page.
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search for item 200779624796

then click on "See other items"

The devices these guys sell are geared towards Arduino and aquarium monitoring AND they supply sample sketches to go with their items


maybe you can try to google "arduarium", nice project, if i setup my aquarium after we moved to a different house, i sure as hell going to buy that stuff 8)

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