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is it possible for me to use my Arduino as the server as well?

Are you asking permission? Sure, I'll let you.

The Arduino can be a server and a client at the same time. What zoomkat's code is illustrating is how. Most of the code is concerned with being a server.


Note, the web server and such will only work on the local network segment at your University.  Even there it may not work, depending on the policies of your university.  For example, the university may block connection attempts to local machines on port 80 (the standard http port).  There are various things you need to do before you can open a web server available everywhere on the internet, which are covered elsewhere in books on how to setup web servers.

Typically, you would need to pay to a web provider to allow you put code up on a shared server (or pay more to have your own dedicated server), pay for a domain name if you have an exclusive name (such as www.my-little-arduino.examples.com).  In such a situation, you have the web server handle the general interaction, including some way of notifying the arduino (for example, using a twitter feed or recording the information, and having the arduino poll the web server every so often).


The other way to get around the router/firewall hassles is to use only HTTP PUT and GET. If a browser works for web servers you can get in and out that way.

Look at http://cosm.com for examples.   Another possibility is https://www.thingspeak.com  (example: https://www.thingspeak.com/channels/9)

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