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To say I'm new to Arduinos would be an understatement!  What little I know is related to various amateur radio applications and that doesn't help with my current project.

I want to create a reactive target system to use in our shooting club's pistol matches.  The mechanical part is already designed and, while we could use some steel as the actuator, I'd much rather an optical sensor so no steel would be required.  I have a chronograph that uses two optical sensors to detect bullet passage to calculate velocity, so I know some sensors exist that can detect a high speed object like a bullet traveling between 800fps and 1500 fsp in our matches.  I don't know if they are available for an Arduino, so that's the first of two threshold questions.

The second question deals with detecting where the bullets passed through the cardboard targets.  The scoring area will be approximately 7" wide by 12" long and this must be the only area that will cause the target to fall.  To protect the sensor(s), it/they must be mounted at the base of the target stand, so the scoring area will begin at 48" above the sensor and end at a point 60" above the sensor, and only 7" wide.  Bullets will be passing above and below the scoring area or zone.

My gut feeling is that determining the position of the bullet when passing the sensors will be a deal-breaker.  I'm not sure how that can be accomplished, but I wanted to ask.  I considered using impact sensors, but that would require a steel strike plate that I'm trying to avoid.  Plus, if I have to use steel, the target system could be purely mechanical.

Thanks for any input,


Please ignore this post.  I thought of a much simpler way to do this using a motion sensor.


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