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So as I was washing the car I decided I would like a part of one of my codes to scroll.
Create int i and int j in one of your UTFT sketches,use (smallFont), make your BackColor(0,0,0) and drop this in somewhere.

  for (i=0; i<230;i++)
       j= (i +5);
       myGLCD.print ("Test", j, 55);

You can see it also fades color as it goes. This could be expanded on by changing the y value  of the print as well.
I am using a mega 2560, SainSmart 3.2 with matching shield and it "scoots" across my screen at a perfect rate.
Hope this helps.


Some TFT driver chips support scrolling (but usually only in one axis) - which TFT are you talking about?
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Andy Brown

"Scrolling" is implemented in these types of TFTs by changing where in the internal GRAM line zero is sourced from so what you actually get is a wrapped display that can be made to appear to be scrolling by clearing the wrapped scan line(s) in software. In portrait mode they'll only "scroll" vertically and in landscape only horizontally.

You can see the effect in this video I took of my own graphics driver driving a Nokia 6300 QVGA TFT showing a demo of a terminal-style program. It scrolls when the output hits the bottom of the display.

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