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Ok I'm getting there - mountain of learning over the last few days!

You can't get 10A through one of those power connectors

Duly noted, thanks. I've left that power connector in the diagram just to represent the power source.

You will also need some decoupling capacitors and quite hefty ones at that.

This is a bit confusing, but I've amended the schema to include decoupling caps anyway. Jumping in the deep end!

How is this looking otherwise? Bearing in mind there are only 2 LPD8806 LED strips here - I'd like to use 5 x 1m strips in the end. Both strips are receiving the same instructions from 10 and 11 on the Arduino (in fact I might end up having all 5 strips receiving the same lighting instructions).


No the decoupling capacitors go across the supply, that is between the + and -, not in seriese with the supply. Doing that would stop current flowing altogether.

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