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Might explain why my yellow LED lit up orange.


Well there were no specs or instructions with this. It was 6 bags of 10 LEDs each and 60 resistors all of the same value.
Since they were all the same value I assumed all the LEDs ran at the same voltage.


As a test. I put the yellow LED on the 3.3v line, it was orange.  I touched it ot the 5v line and it was red.


And yes, it turns orange just before the magic smoke comes out ;-)

Did you just burn a breadboard to prove a point about LED color?
I like the cut of your jib.
PS: Crocodile clips... :)

The breadboard is fine, there never was much current running flowing.

The LED and Resistor died though ;-)

// Per.


Seems some magis smoke came out of the limiting resistor too! Must have had "limited" capability.

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