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Hi. I've bought a new RF 433 Hz from ebay and I've conected the transmitter to one arduino and the reciver to another. Using virtualwire.h i was able to make a program that sends data "1" when one button is pushed and data "0" when is not. The reciving arduino recives "1" and power up a  led or "0" and shut it down. To send the data from the transmitter arduino I used the serial to send ones and zeros.
The problem is that this is not working well. I have to send 4, 5 or more times a "1" for the led to turn  on and the same for turning it off. Or sometimes it work with just one time. What coud be the problem. Could it be the RF 433 that isn't working well because is a cheap one? I mean if it wasn't warking at all i wwould say that the module is brocken but sometimes work and some times don't. Please help. i need a wireless conection between 2 arduinos for a project. Tankyou!


Are you debouncing the switch on the transmitting arduino? A simple 20ms delay would probably do it.

To ensure that the transmission is working, it might be worth writing a test sketch that just sends 1 0 1 0 1 0 .... with a seconds delay between them and see whether the receiver behaves properly.

tankyou! I figure it out. It wasn't that. when I made a "char" to send it I had to put char[] and the number of letters inside the char but i didn't. I've just used the "char" and nothing more. but problem solved. Tankyou

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