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do u no any other program that does smethin like this program or is thr any other way?


I don't know any other program that does something like this.


I finally managed to round up some parts that you outlined in the first section of the walkthrough. Everything seems to be working fine except that I can't get the LED's to turn on haha. I imagine that you have one XBEE plugged into an USB explorer and plugged into the computer and another XBEE receiving/transmitting data from the Arduino that is not connected to the computer. If this is the case, what settings did you use in the preferences in BitVoicer? Do I just program the Arduino with your code, then disconnect it and place it somewhere and speak into the mic? I know that the wireless is working and that I am picking up sound from the onboard mic, because BitVoicer is recognizing it.

So what preferences did you use for communication and what modules do you have attached to the computer to transmit to the Arduino or are you just sending out a WiFi signal from the computer?


I'm using the computer's WiFi interface and my home wireless network to send data to the Roving WiFly module attached to the Arduino. The communication preferences are just the IP address of the WiFly module and TCP port 2000. If you are using a pair of XBEEs, I believe that the one connected to the PC would appear as a virtual COM port, so you would have to use the settings of this port in the BitVoicer preferences. Which wireless module are you using with the Arduino?


Great minds think alike!  But we achieve our goals in a totally different way.

You can do this without leaving your PC on.  You can have it call you and do voice recognition over the phone. 
Only 30 lines of code and 10 minutes to put it together.  No cost like Bitvoice has.
Now if only I could make this work with Arduino...

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