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Happened to get my mitts on two tubes of ten of these and I only really have use for a few of them.  They are an AVR core, but only have 4k flash.  I am using a couple as PWM sources (RGBx8) and to play around with, and a couple to serve as Serial to 1602LCD drivers, but as I am perpetually broke, I am wondering if folks here might want to buy the spares I really don't need.  They are useful for dedicated digital I/O mostly, IMO, because they have no a/d onboard like a 328.

These are not devices for newbies, they require a fair knowledge of microcontrollers past arduino level to be used successfully.

I see all sorts of prices on them, depending on source, so I was thinking like $5 plus shipping per might be reasonable.  I think I may toss a few more "extras" onto this post, things I got a deal on but could use cash to buy more weirdness...   


do you by chance have a boards.txt & core to go with 'em?

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