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Most of you have probably heard of Rovio. If not here is a youtube video of it.

One of the special feature of Rovio is its autodocking feature. With the use of a beacon in its dock,
it will automatically dock himself wherever it is in a room (passing through different obstacles) with just one click of the controller from its interface.

I want to incorporate this kind of technology on my mobot, with probably the use of a GPS. I will send to my mobot
the latitude and longitude of the location I want to go to and my mobot will automatically go there.

Can anyone think of a proper algorithm that will make this things happen? I can maybe add some sensors to make it avoid obstacles but still how can I make it go to the location I want to. Also do you think using GPS is a good idea? I thought of GPS because I don't want to have a beacon on each place I want to go ( about 4-5 locations).

Any suggestions, ideas, opinions would be much appreciated. Thanks a lot! :D


i guess its not for indoor use right?

Asking for the algorithm to do this is just asking for all of the code needed cause the algorithm is pretty simple, compare coordinates and go for the target.

can you post your code so far, it will be easier to guide you.


I'm thinking of using it in both indoors and outdoors.

Well I'm not exactly asking for a code, just some rough guide on how will the mobot move, and I don't exactly have a code yet cause I'm still thinking of the flow of the program.

The algorithm I thought about is it will compare the coordinates it has with the coordinates that I want it to go to.
It will move to the direction where the difference of its coordinates will lessen.
(This method will only work if we are talking about a straight line from the origin to the destination)

The problem that I thought about is what if it encounters an obstacle. As it avoid that obstacle, It is not always true that the difference of the coordinates will lessen, most probably it can even increase.

Do you think an obstacle avoiding program that will override the actual moving program (The one that moves to the direction that will lessen its coordniate) will work? I thought of putting maybe 6 sensors (1 in front, 2 in each side, 1 at the back) The obstacle avoiding program will consist of predefined movements that the mobot will do when it encounters an obstacle and then after it has done the obstacle avoiding program it will return back to the actual program.

Do you think this algorithm will work? and with this algorithm is there any possibility that the mobot will just get trap in one place? I would like to recieve some opinion from others and maybe add some algorithm to my program that will make my mobot smarter.


I'm thinking of using it in both indoors and outdoors.

And, you expect the GPS to be able to see satellites from inside?


I'm thinking of using it in both indoors and outdoors.

And, you expect the GPS to be able to see satellites from inside?

Well its not exactly purely indoor...its like a long balcony. SO i guess GPS will work on this?...
if its indoor do you have any suggestions what to use aside from GPS?


if its indoor do you have any suggestions what to use aside from GPS?

I don't think GPS will work all that well, even outside. Do you know what the accuracy is of the GPS unit you are proposing to use? Generally, it is +/- 10 meters. The position of the robot will be known to +/- 10 meters and the position of the base station will be known to +/- 10 meters. The robot could be 20 meters from the base station, and think it is docked.

I'm nearly certain that the electrons won't jump that little gap, to charge the robot.

The GPS might, with proper programming, get you close, but you need something else to get that last 20 meters.


I think your mobot would need to have/build a map of its surroundings in order to know and follow a path back to its basestation. The algorithm of guessing the heading to the basestation and heading directly towards it would only work in very simple situations. If GPS is available then this would be a useful input to building the map, but does not have enough resolution to be the whole answer.

For the final closure with the charging station I think you would need to provide some sort of beacon that the 'bot can detect once it is close enough and within line-of-sight.
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