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For hobby stuff...

Some among us like to fancy themselves as designers for NASA.

Assuming it is aimed at me for at least wanting to stick to the data sheet.

Here is where, yet again, you show your ignorance dear henry. My background is in consumer electronics. Here you have to design so that when the stuff is made in a factory the other side of the words you get a good yield, that means less than 1% need rework and that there are as few returns under a one or two year warranty as possible. For that anything under 3% return is considered good. It has to have a 5 year life but not much longer, plus it has to be made as cheaply as possible.

Now with NASA you are making only one or two, you can test the f**k out of it, it doesn't matter what it costs but it must not fail. That is a very different skill set.

What is your skill set dear henry? Or don't you have one?


Some among us like to fancy themselves as designers for NASA

No doubt the same NASA designers who confused lbf and newtons, and crashed a $125 million spacecraft?
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