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Hi all, I've been struggling to get my new leonardo to work as an ISP programmer. But finally found out what I was doing wrong.

1. The ICSP pins are not broken out to digital pins - Use the 6 pin header - mosi->mosi, sck->sck etc
2.1 Need to modify the Arduino as ISP sketch - find #define RESET SS, and replace SS with 10 (The reset from the TARGET connects here)
2.2 I've saved the sketch as LeonardoISP - in the Examples Directory - Easy to find (Also works with the UNO)
3. modify the programmers.txt file (its in the arduino folder-hardware-arduino, include :

leo.name=Leonardo as ISP

at the end of the file

Upload the Arduino as ISP sketch to the leonardo
Load/Type your sketch
select the target chip type
Click 'Upload Using Programmer' or 'Burn Bootloader'

Hope this helps.

Edited to update Info.
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