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An alarm system seems really cool,  definitely a project I will look into.
And yeah,  an Arduino isn't really needed with an RPi but I have seen many projects incorporate both,  mainly projects dealing with robotics (which is what I am interested in). In the long run I plan on making an autonomous robot. I don't plan on buying an Arduino immediately, probably after I've experimented with the RPi enough and run into some limitations. But that Microcenter deal looks pretty good,  I might pick it up from my local Microcenter soon or just order it to save myself from the 45 minute drive.

Thanks for all the help everyone.


The 25v on a capacitor means that it can stand 25v without damage, as opposed to 16v on the other board.  But they only run at whatever you plug in to the DC socket, usually under 12 volts.

I have heard that the best and the worst electonic parts come from China,  the trick is finding which is which !
With my mobile phone I can call people and talk to them -  how smart can you get ?


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I'm sorry but the OP's original link WAS a fake.  (misnomer or not)

They showed a picture of Arduino's mega and just removed the "made in Italy" verbage.
Look at the pics of the back side of the board.  Clearly shows Arduino logo & Arduino "made in Italy" board.

If it was a clone they would have posted a picture of their own board, minus the Arduino name and logo.

Because they are advertising as selling ARDUINOs (not Arduino compatible) they are FAKES.

I have bought "compatible" boards before, and have made my own.  That's not the point here.
I have no problem with others manufacturing their own and calling it whatever-duino.

It's the fact that they are using someone else's brand and saying theirs are the real deal.

That little black caterpillar you just stepped on will set you back a few bucks....


I mean I'd love to support the creators though,

Except that it will cost you money. Do morals go out the window when it starts to cost you?

The money made from the real thing goes to make this forum possible, it is used to subsidies boards for education world wide and it goes to fund new developments like the Due.
So yes you can get an arduino cheaper but not that much cheaper so that it is worth undermining all the good work these guys do. None of them are the millionaires that the success of this project would guarantee them in any other walk of life.
Give them a break and do the right thing.


I am with GrumpyMike there,  if it hadnt been for these Arduino guys, I would still be using CMOS, and wouldnt have had a wonderful ongoing micro learning experience.

Both my boards are genuine from a local agent.
With my mobile phone I can call people and talk to them -  how smart can you get ?

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