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If I enter the String "W1-1356834120-20-60/2-1356834140-20-60/3-1356834160-20-60/4-1356834120-20-60/5-1356834140-20-60/6-1356834160-20-60/7-1356834120-20-60/8-1356834140-20-60/" to the Serial Monitor, the Arduino return this: "1-1356834120-20-60/2-1356834140-20-60/3-1356834160-20-60/4-135"

My Code:
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void setup ()

void loop()
 if (Serial.available())
   char SI = Serial.read();
   if (SI == 'W')
     String Input;
     while (Serial.available())
       Input = Input + char(Serial.read());

Why the Arduino donĀ“t return "1-1356834120-20-60/2-1356834140-20-60/3-1356834160-20-60/4-1356834120-20-60/5-1356834140-20-60/6-1356834160-20-60/7-1356834120-20-60/8-1356834140-20-60/"?

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Hmm. How much SRAM does your Arduino have?


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Arduino Uno rev. 3

SRAM     2KB

My Code is much longer.

Global Variables:

unsigned long end_of_ch[38];
int Channels[8];
boolean IsOpen[8];


Your code assumes that once you see a 'W', all the other characters will be delivered back to back. That isn't necessarily so - there may be a time when transmission is in process, but nothing is available to read yet. If that occurs, you'll print what you have at that point and go back to looking for a 'W'. Since there isn't another, no more input will be read.

There's more to it than that I suspect. You're only processing 64 characters, which by a remarkable coincidence is the size of the serial read buffer.


Concur with wildbill. 

The serial input buffer is 64 characters.  You are only getting the first 64-ish of your 154 characters of input.  So right away we have to think "timing problem with buffer overflow".

The second Serial.available() test seems to have the intention of looking for the end of the line.  But checking Serial.available() is not a reliable way to detect line endings.  

It would be better to loop looking for a line ending character like '\n', and wait on serial available within that loop, if that makes sense.  Accumulate characters to the end of the line, not until random timing gives you serial.available of zero.


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