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I am new to the forum and I want to make a clock with and arduino and an led matrix. I wanted to make the following and change the code:
but it seems that Sure Electronics dosent sell the led matrix anymore. I looked at adafruit.com and came across the following:
but it is more expensive and it is small for a wall clock. Can anyone assist me in what I need or where I can get one of these cheaply.



Is this one big enough for you?

This would be great, perfect size and reasonable price. My only question is how many pins would I need to control this matrix and could I use some kind of a chip to decrease the pins needed without much work.


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The MAX6953 can control 4 of those 5x7 displays using just 2 IO pins, SCL & SDA


Is there anything cheaper? Maybe it could only control one display would be ok. I cant really imagine spending $25 on a chip that ill probably solder wrong and it does not really look like it would go in a breadboard.

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