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Jan 07, 2013, 10:51 am Last Edit: Jan 07, 2013, 01:01 pm by supermotolew Reason: 1
sorry all again  ! im really over my head with this !! soo please help ! so my sparkfun serial lcd arrived today for my thermometer project my sketch wich i will post below works correctly to display temperature in serial monitor and when i first connected the lcd displayed on the LCD like this


what im trying to acheive is a normal refreshing reading like you would expect to see like this


my sketch as follows

#include <OneWire.h>

int DS18S20_Pin = 2; //DS18S20 Signal pin on digital 2

//Temperature chip i/o
OneWire ds(DS18S20_Pin);  // on digital pin 2

void setup(void) {

void loop(void) {
 float temperature = getTemp();
 delay(2000); // delay between output

float getTemp(){
 //returns the temperature from main DS18S20 in DEG Celsius!

 byte data[12];
 byte addr[8];

 if ( !ds.search(addr)) {
     //no more sensors on chain, reset search
     return -1000;

 if ( OneWire::crc8( addr, 7) != addr[7]) {
     Serial.println("Sensor not valid see lewis!");
     return -1000;

 if ( addr[0] != 0x10 && addr[0] != 0x28) {
     Serial.print("Device is not recognized");
     return -1000;

 ds.write(0x44,1); // start conversion, with parasite power on at the end

 byte present = ds.reset();
 ds.write(0xBE); // Read Scratchpad

 for (int i = 0; i < 9; i++) { // need 9 bytes
   data = ds.read();
 byte MSB = data[1];
 byte LSB = data[0];

 float tempRead = ((MSB << 8) | LSB); //using two's compliment
 float TemperatureSum = tempRead / 16;
 return TemperatureSum;



Perhaps this article will help:


It shows how to send commands to position the cursor and clear the screen.
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