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I'm searching for a suitable card for my college project in network security,
and I would like to now whether it is possible to impersonate a USB device of my choice, other than a keyboard or mouse (a printer for instance), using the Arduino Leonardo card?
I looked at the source code from github, but couldn't figure out whether the card can accept self-written device classes, that are not the keyboard/mouse native classes which I saw in the source code, and if so, what are the unique parameters I need to provide in order to distinguish between the various usb devices.

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It's certainly possible to emulate most sorts of USB device. You would have to read about and understand USB protocol to work out how to emulate a particular one. Sorry I can't be more helpful, I've never done it myself.
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maxmor89, like you, I'm waiting for someone to write code for other USB devices.
As far as I know, anything can be emulated, but writing the code is too complicated for me.

What kind of devices did you think about ?

For example an usb flash drive is not very usefull. The EEPROM is very small, perhaps too small for a FAT file system. Using an SD shield with SD card is of little use, since the SD card itself can be removed and placed in a PC.

A game console already exists : http://arduino.cc/en/Main/ArduinoBoardEsplora
But I looks as if it emulates a keyboard and a mouse, and not a game console.

An audio in and out could be useful in a few situations.


I thought about a printer, or some similar device. I'm doing a project in network security, so I don't need the card to act as a REAL printer of course, but only the computer to recognize it as a printer, and load suitable drivers. After achieving this goal, I can continue to more complicated tasks with the "Fake printer".

I know everything can be emulted in theory, but I can't figure out whether there is an easy way to emulate devices other which implement protocol other than Human Interface Device.

Still hope someone here tried stuff in this direction.

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