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I'll preface this post by saying I'm a newbie to Arduino.  I'm trying to incorporate cheap remote control capabilities into an Arduino (Uno or Nano) application to receive a two bit RF signal. I'm using the TWS-434 and RWS-434 modules from Reynolds electronics.

I'm wondering if it is possible to use only an Arduino on the receiver end (not on the transmitter side) along with the RF module and eliminate the decorder IC?  On the transmitter side it would only have the TWS-434 module, HT-12E encoder IC, and two buttons (for the two bit inputs) but no arduino. Everything I've looked at online related to RF with Arduino (such as VirtualWire) seems to require an Arduino on each end (but does get rid of the encoder and decoder IC). My main goal here is low price as I'm considering possibly turning this into a product to sell... so I'm open to rethinking things.  I need the Arduino on the reciever end to do a few other motor control things, but will likely replace it with an ATTiny at some point.

I've played with this configuration a little bit but I'm lost when it comes to the transmitted word, baud rate, synching, etc. Any help is much appreciated!!!


Its certainly possible to do.
You would need to examine the HT-12E encoder spec to determine the protocol used
and then write your own decoding program.


Thanks for the response. I looked through the HT12-E spec quite a bit to try and figure out some clues on how to do this, but ended up at a dead end. Here is the HT-12e spec:

Based on that, can you give me some more guidance, examples, bits of code on how I would do this?


I'm sure it is possible.
If RF module can supply standard port, that means it can connect with any device include Arduino stuff. Arduino is a platform for development. Wireless module is carrier. The device can recognize each other with same command.

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