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Thanks for that. I've ordered an el cheapo SD card based mp3 on ebay and will advise on how (or if !) it works.



I think most players that use an SD card for storage are limitted mainly by the count of files that can reside in root directory. I think for FAT16 it was about 512 entries. Most wav players (including my SimpleSDAudio library  :D ) only work with 8.3-filename format, but this allows really getting those 500 entries on the card. If you need more, you have to take or patch a library to operate even with subfolders on card or use FAT32 formated cards. Then the limit is only the space available on the card.


I wish to produce a robot head which can "speak" a wide range of phrases (Up to 200 say) depending upon external stimuli'.I have a quadravox board which Is just too complicated and have therefore been looking at the specs for the mp3 shields (like sparkfun) and/or the wave shield which plays wav files. I simply cannot find any info on how many tracks they can store and whether or not  individual tracks can be addressed. Most examples just show up to about 6 tracks selectable by pressing buttons. I want to address up to about 200 tracks dependent upon external stimuili combined with a random element. Anyone out there have any comments please ?

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