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this works (tested) with other scott edwards electronics backpack serial LCD's. I purchased these years ago from parallax. had them laying around, now i can use them. also, to send functions ie clear screen etc, myserial.write(12); <-- clr screen for bpp-420. sorry forgot to include that in the code. i dont believe the delays are needed in some cases, you will have to experiment a bit.

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/*code to control BPP-420 Scott Edwards Elec. LCD. */

#include <SoftwareSerial.h>

#define rxpin 10
#define txpin 11
#define inverted 1

void setup() {
SoftwareSerial myserial(rxpin, txpin, inverted);

 digitalWrite(txpin, LOW);
 pinMode(txpin, OUTPUT);

void loop(){


BPP-420 s.e.e. LCD

Perhaps you should change the subject to something like "How to use the Parallax / Scott Edwards serial LCD backpack" or something like that.

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Did you purposely misspell this?



good idea on the title don thx, and yes i did misspell helllo lol.

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