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Hello Community!

Because I didn't find any topic about Robotis Zig-Bee and it's controller RC-100,
I want to tell you, that it is possible to connect Robotis Zig-Bee 110-A with
Arduino. Grey cable to gnd, next cable to 3,3 V, third cable (TX of
ZIG 110-A) to e.g. Digital Pin 10. Then you can use the example programm of
Arduino: SoftwareSerialExample. You have to set myserial to baudrate of
57600, RX is Pin of Arduino is 10. The data of keys from the controller RC-100
are different, e.g 1, 4, 8 ,16 and so on. This data you can use to control e.g LEDs
or Motors and so on.
If you like, I can send an example sketch for control 4 LEDs with RC-100 controller.
I am going to write wire-plan with Fritzing, so I could post this, too.



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