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The tutorials on the TFT LCD's use the pins that are required for SPI.  Does that mean I can't have an Arduino that has both an LCD module and a nRF24L01?  Is there any way around this?  I can't find a way to redefine the LCD library so it doesn't use the MOSI/MISO/SS pins.


Which Arduino board are you using ?
Which tutorial ?
Does the nRF24L01 use SPI ?

The SPI bus can be used for a number devices. The ChipSelect selects the device.


I'm using this tutorial for the LCD module:


Thanks for the suggestion.  It looks like I can redefine the CS, cable select, pin for the LCD module.  So maybe it'll work after all, even if the LCD module uses the MOSI and MISO pins.



When you use the Arduino Uno board, the SS, pin 10, is internally hardwired to the SPI hardware. You can use that pin for one of the Chip Selects or don't use it at all.

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