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I'm starting out building a home automation/sensor network using the cheap NRF24L01+ 2.4ghz ISM devices and the great libraries that ManiacBug has put together (RF24 & RF24Network).

Using the RF24Network library I am able to get a bunch (well ok just 3 so far but I have parts on order) of nodes to talk to each other. The library is great as it allows you to simply address another node and it sorts the routing of the message through the network to the endpoint.

I was wondering however if anyone has come across a way to do a broadcast message using the RF24Network library? From what I have read I can only see headers being constructed utilising a destination address rather than some sort of broadcast address but it would be great if someone knows how to acheive this!

For some message types I want the endpoints to simply broadcast their content (eg state change data (door opened) or announce data (display this)) so that other nodes can accept this data and autonomously act on it.

I can fall back to having a 'control node' that maintains a list of member nodes and directs the broadcasts, but I'd prefer not to.




this has been added to this rf24 fork https://github.com/gcopeland/RF24

you can easily add its new feature to your use of rf24network

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