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Paul Stoffregen

Yes, it's possible to use git to obtain the source from any point in Arduino's history.  You'll only get the source code, so you'll need to build it yourself (easy on Linux & Mac, requires setting up lots of stuff for Windows).

I'm not an expert with git & github.  You'll need to look for info online (there is a lot of info on may sites), or find someone who's more knowledgeable about git to help you.


Thank you for your quick reply Paul!



Just wanted to let everyone in this thread know that it is working great for me!

I am using Arduino 1.5.5 IDE under Mac OS X
Using OneWire_preview22_17jan13.zip library

Thanks guys!  :)


Dear Dominic ,

I appreciate what you have done. I was trying to find the SdFatHsmci library zip. I was unable to find library in github or here.

Please let us know where we can download that library.


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