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It works ! kinda !!
OK, after some real head banging and coding issues I finally am getting some where, or so I thought...
Using wiimote ir camera hack and the AD5206 Digital pot to control my xbox wired controller I have hit another problem ! After being helped by a great guy with the code I find that I only get the X axis to work (ie Left /right)
the Y axis still refuses to work (up and down), I see in the serial monitor that it is functioning fine, but get nothing,
no voltage output from the digi-pot (channel 2), I have check the wiring etc , and even reolaced the digi-pot,
I have even re-wired it so that the X axis wiper wire controls  the Y axis on the xbox controller ,  it works! I have tried a different channel too, still nothing!  So I'm thinking maybe it's still a coding issue, so again here is the code I have, Am I just missing something ??? Can some one have a look  PLEASE, before I go mad !!

Code: [Select]

#include <Wire.h>
#include <PVision.h>
#include <SPI.h>
//Select one of the following to be 0, and the other 1
//'0': ON, '1': OFF
#define serial_display 1
#define processing_display 0

#define channelx 1
#define channely 2
PVision ircam;
byte result;

// set pin 10 as the slave select for the digital pot:
const int slaveSelectPin = 10;
int digpot_x = 500;
int digpot_y = 500;

//MUX testing
int S0 = 5;
int S1 = 6;
void setup()
   // while (Serial.available() <= 0) {
     //Serial.print("AE v1.0");   // send a capital A
    // delay(300);
//SPI stuff here
   pinMode (slaveSelectPin, OUTPUT);

void loop()
  result = ircam.read();
  if(serial_display == 1){
    if (result & BLOB1)
      digpot_x = ircam.Blob1.X >> 2;
      digpot_y = ircam.Blob1.Y >> 2;
      Serial.print("BLOB1 detected. X:");
      Serial.print(" Y:");
      Serial.print(" Size:");
    if (result & BLOB2)
      Serial.print("BLOB2 detected. X:");
      Serial.print(ircam.Blob2.X >> 2);
      Serial.print(" Y:");
      Serial.print(ircam.Blob2.Y >> 2);
      Serial.print(" Size:");
    if (result & BLOB3)
      Serial.print("BLOB3 detected. X:");
      Serial.print(ircam.Blob3.X >> 2);
      Serial.print(" Y:");
      Serial.print(ircam.Blob3.Y >> 2);
      Serial.print(" Size:");
    if (result & BLOB4)
      Serial.print("BLOB4 detected. X:");
      Serial.print(ircam.Blob4.X >> 2);
      Serial.print(" Y:");
      Serial.print(ircam.Blob4.Y >> 2);
      Serial.print(" Size:");
     digitalPotWrite (channelx,(int)digpot_x);
     digitalPotWrite (channely,(int)digpot_y);
  }//endif serial_display
  else if(processing_display == 1){
    if( Serial.available() > 0){
   //   print header
     uint8_t XL1 = ircam.Blob1.X & 0xFF;
     uint8_t XH1 = (ircam.Blob1.X >> 8) & 0x03;
     uint8_t YL1 = ircam.Blob1.Y & 0xFF;
     uint8_t YH1 = (ircam.Blob1.Y >> 8) & 0x03;
     uint8_t XL2 = ircam.Blob2.X & 0xFF;
     uint8_t XH2 = (ircam.Blob2.X >> 8) & 0x03;
     uint8_t YL2 = ircam.Blob2.Y & 0xFF;
     uint8_t YH2 = (ircam.Blob2.Y >> 8) & 0x03;

    }//end ifSerial.available
  }//endif processing_display

}//End loop()

void digitalPotWrite(int address, int value) {
   // take the SS pin low to select the chip:
   //  send in the address and value via SPI:
   // take the SS pin high to de-select the chip:

:smiley-roll: Thanks !!

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