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I'm using a GY80 with an Arduino Due for a quadcopter project, which has a L3G4200D gyroscope. I've been trying to calculate pitch and roll but I just noticed something I'm not sure is correct. Basically the values for the gyroscope never go below zero. I though it was supposed to be positive values for clockwise rotation and negative values for anti-clockwise.

Below is a sample bit of code. I'm using the I2Cdev arduino library.

Code: [Select]

#include <Wire.h>
#include <I2Cdev.h>
#include <L3G4200D.h>

L3G4200D gyro;

int16_t gyroX, minVal;

void setup() {

void loop() {
  gyroX = gyro.getAngularVelocityX();
  minVal = min(minVal, gyroX);
  Serial.print("Raw: "); Serial.print(gyroX);
  Serial.print(" Min: "); Serial.println(minVal);

Is this working correctly? Am I doing something wrong?


Just updating this for anyone with the same issue, I tried out the https://github.com/pololu/L3G/tree/master/L3G library instead of the i2cdev library and I'm now getting values between -65,535 and 65,536 with negative values for anti-clockwise rotations.

There's either an issue in the i2cdev library for the L3G4200D or I was just using it incorrectly.

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