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(...) And if you are using an MP3 shield, you have complete control. You have to load the file off the SD card and stream it to the MP3 decoder, so you can open whatever file you want. (...)

Ok, awesome! The thing is; I thought working with the Adruino Uno and the ethernet shield were pretty easy, for several reasons: I got experience with php, javascript and HTML so I pretty much understand the logic of the codes and I understood the html and also there were a lot of tutorials and example codes available.

Now I want to work with a mp3 shield but I can't find a lot of information on this when working from scratch. Where should I start, what should I read?


Well, first off, what do you want to use?

There are MP3 modules like the one linked which take serial commands and an SD card. There is the VMUSIC2, which can do SPI or serial and uses a USB flash stick, or there is the MP3 shield which is really just an SD card and a MP3 decoder IC stuck on a board. The last one is the hardest, but the most flexible. The other two are simple.

The disadvantage to the module linked is that when you say play MP3 001, it just plays the first MP3 it finds on the SD card. It isn't actually using file names, but where they are placed on the card. There is also no feedback like reading the number of folders and number of files. You also cannot read anything but MP3s with it. Very simple to use, though.

The VMUSIC2 module will let you call a file by its filename, read the directory, open and write to files besides just MP3s, etc... It is a bit pricey but has alot of flexibility. The only real disadvantage is that it only takes USB drives.

An MP3 shield is really raw, so you have the absolute most flexibility with it, but your code will be more complex and take up more processing time.

If you are fine with using USB drives only, I would recommend the VMUSIC2. It is actually about the same price as the MP3 shields (unless you buy on eBay from China.) There are libraries for all of these options.

For the linked MDFLY module, I just wrote a library for it and you will find it right in this forum. I have also used the VMUSIC2 and there is library for it. I have not used an MP3 shield before.

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