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michael shiloh

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That's why it is a limited "limiting" resistor.


And yes, it turns orange just before the magic smoke comes out ;-)

Did you just burn a breadboard to prove a point about LED color?
I like the cut of your jib.
PS: Crocodile clips... :)

The breadboard is fine, there never was much current running flowing.

The LED and Resistor died though ;-)

// Per.

The most interesting part was that both parts died, not just one or the other. We assume that 1 part fails, opening the circuit, and the other parts in the circuit are are spared, but clearly, in your demonstration both parts failed.

FWIW, I have LEDs running w/out resistors, and they have been running for months without failure. I had originally assumed that the LEDs or the arduino would fail, but not both. I keep waiting for the cube to die, but its been a few months now, and they just keep working. I wonder how long it will take to break 192 LED running 24/7 with one arduino and no resistors. What will break first the LEDs or the arduino? who knows maybe both!

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