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I bought a string of LED color changing christmas lights.  I pulled open one of the bulbs and the driver is not marked at all.  It is a 14 pin surface mount IC with a "line in 1" on pin 11, "line in 2" on pin 10, "line out 1" on pin 3 and "line out 2" on pin 4.

There are 4 wires from each bulb, +V, GND, L1 and L2.

The driver controls 3 separate LED's by completing the ground.

Sorry I'm new to this, so the terminology might be off.  :)  I also looked at the controller and there is no markings on the board or IC that controls the lights.  When I power up the string from my arduino 5V i get a random array of colors (leaving "L1" and "L2" disconnected).

Not sure where else to start in determining the communication protocol or some library I "might" be able to use to control them.

Any advice?



some more pin info:

green - pin 2
blue - pin 12
red - pin 9


Not sure where else to start in determining the communication protocol

Get it working with your original controller and use an oscilloscope or logic analyser to look at the signals to try and work out the protocol.


Thanks for the response.. I can get it working with its original controller.  Unfortunately this is a hobby I just got into so I don't have an oscilloscope or logic analyzer.  Is there an affordable off the shelf product for someone who is just getting into this kind of thing?  I will get on YouTube and start watching more videos.  :)


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