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Hello Ladies and Gentlmen

i just managed sending data from Em406a GPS chip via bluetooth rn42 (using arduino uno), i struggled alot in debugging the program and sending the right data till i succeeded. The problem layed in the baud rate, till the solution came when i set them under the following
Serial.begin was set up on 4800
bluetooth.beging was set up on 115200
gps.begin was set up on 4800

my question is : its odd for me that the bluetooth couldnt send data on 9600 or 4800 till i raised the speed to 115200 to send 4800 gps data ?! I set it on a higher speed to send a lower speed data , any one can explain that for me ? because it makes no sense so far.


its odd for me that the bluetooth couldnt send data on 9600 or 4800

But it could. The receiver couldn't understand it, until you set the baud rate to match the receiver's rate. The same hold true for the Serial and GPS rates. They need to match the speed of the device that they are talking to.

because it makes no sense so far.

I don't understand why not.
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Bluetooth modules and possibly GPS modules have internal baud rates that can be changed via "AT" commands. You need to look up what your BT modules AT commands are and how to change them. I used Putty to change mine, but I think any serial communication (bluetooth compatible) software can do it.
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