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Hello everyone!

I'm looking for the best way to create an wireless Arduino or Rpi powered alarm system, with sms functions.

What i have:
Arduino Uno R3 or Raspberry Pi

Basically what i need is:
- 2x Wireless movement sensors. (Will use cheap chinese Pir's for alarm systems)
- 3x Wireless door/window magnets. (Also cheap chinese..)
- A wireless way to arm/disarm the alarm, possibly a keypad or maybe something simpler.
- A way to send a text message from the arduino upon alarm.
- A relay output or two for a siren.

Could you recommend the hardware for all wireless and sms functions?
I'm aiming for 433Mhz since it is the standard here.

I also have a Raspberry Pi i can use, but i have asked in another forum about that.
I want to see which one comes cheaper and is more simple.

Best regards,
And sorry if this is in the wrong place!


I had make a project for sms remote control.You could convert it for alarm system , look www.power7.net

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