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Where would I put the strings? Here is picture of the "hand" if it helps at all.
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consider the way in which your muscles and tendons bend the fingers of your own hand.


Just what I was going to say. Look at this- it will help
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Well you need to attach each string to the horn of a servo- perhaps more than one string per servo if that works.

You can probably lose those rings and just tie the strings to the appropriate holes in the servo horns.

I guess you need some kind of frame to support the hand and on which you can mount the servos.

Instead of a gazillion servos, use as few as possible, enough of course to give a smooth clench of the fingers, and perhaps use a few small hooks and eyes - see photo- to route the strings so they don't tangle. If you make some kind of wooden base or frame you can screw them into the wood.

EDIT.... 15 strings means 15 servos if you don't attach more than one string to each servo. That's going to take up a huge amount of space, and be impossible to hook up to a Uno. You basically have to attach more than one string to a servo, and you'll need to figure that out by a bit of trial and error. If you pull all strings at once, does the hand clench? If so, maybe one or two servos will do the trick. Otherwise as a maximum I'd say one servo per finger. Even 5 servos will take a lot of space: if you haven't bought them yet, consider micro servos.
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Robots are cool.

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