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I have a ratcheting crimper that is supposedly decent for making servo-type connectors.  I'm wondering if anyone could tell me the actual name of the crimp pins and housings to make servo-type connections.  Ideally I'd like to be able to just purchase a lot from ebay or something if available.

When researching online I found many different names, but they were usually for a particular manufacturer's connector (which sometimes seem to be keyed certain ways.)  I'm not trying to match a certain manufacturer, just make connectors that can connect to the headers I place on my boards (and keep the wire mess down.)

Is there a generic name for the crimp pins & housings for this type of thing?  I know I found a bunch of "DuPont" labeled things on ebay but I wasn't sure if that's right.



What size pins and what spacing? DipMicro has some connectors and shells for sale that might be what you need.

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I like the crimp terminals & 0.1" housings that pololu.com carries.
housings, many options
crimp terminated wires - male-male, female-female, male-femalte
male or female pins for making your own wires
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Dupont style connectors are compatible with those on the Arduino boards if that's of any help?
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