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The output on the LCD "2,38" volt.

My project need a more specific value. example 2,3875 volt. So 4 or maybe 5 digits more are exacter.

If you just want to see more decimal places on your display, do:

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Of course, as other have pointed out, the extra decimals really mean nothing since the ADC on the Arduino is not that accurate.  The best you could hope for is about 1 part in 500 accuracy, on a good day, with the wind in the right direction and all that.  And the 3-figure output you've already gotten is more than good enough to represent that.


he output on the LCD "2,38" volt.

You will need to look into lcd.print() and see if / how you can specify more digits.


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this is what I'm looking for.

shame myself, i must know this.

thanks :)


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That works great! is there a way to turn off the rounding?
For example I have a float 118.225, I only want to display the first 2 decimal places but lcd.print(COM1A); returns 118.23.


is there a way to turn off the rounding?

Write your own function. Not rounding is not a good idea. Why do you want to do that?

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