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Hi all tinkerers,

I have this issue with using timer 0 and any other timer at the same time to call functions.
if I have
Code: [Select]



The code halts on the second timer. I know that my timers work, because the functions do get called when there is only one timer running.

I am baffled.


I am baffled.

I am too, since that snippet does even compile. Snippets-r-us.com is down the internet a ways. Here, we want to see ALL of your code. Picky, I know, but, that's the only way to try to reproduce your error.
The art of getting good answers lies in asking good questions.


Flynn, what library do you use ? Please post a link.
Which Arduino Board are you using ? Is the microcontroller TIMER2 capable of 16 bits ?
Do you use any PWM signal or the tone() function, that is conflicting with TIMER1 or TIMER2.

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