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Author Topic: "Nano Shield" for SimpleSDAudio library.. SD card and audio amp. Pls review  (Read 1199 times)
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I have been working on a "shield" for the Gravitech Arduino Nano that will read from an uSD socket and play the audio through a 2W audio amplifier. (More will be added later, but I hope this is a useful sub-project for someone.)

For now, if anyone is just dying to go over a newbs work to look for flaws  smiley-evil please do so.

Attached are the schematic in PDF format, as well as the Eagle 6.3 files and here are the datasheets to the major components.

Arduino Nano



Even just a quick check for bonehead errors is appreciated! It does pass Eagle ERC and DRC so hopefully it's not too bad.

Anyone reading this later THIS IS AN UNTESTED/UNPROOFED/UNPROVEN design. DO NOT USE.

Thanks in advance!

* LS-Shield4.pdf (15.15 KB - downloaded 34 times.)
* LS-Shield4Board.pdf (18.42 KB - downloaded 30 times.)
* (43.21 KB - downloaded 39 times.)

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