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Hey Guys !

I have a embarrassing  problem with my wonderful display ! ! :smiley-sleep:


A have; Arduino Mega 2560 + TFT LCD Mega Shield V1.2 and 5" lcd ITDB02-5.0, lcd works on SSD1963 module.

I download latest library from henningkarlsen.com called UTFT -> install, change driver to -> myGLCD(ITDB50,.....)" or "myGLCD(SSD1963_800...)" I use the 38,39,40,41 pin 

and... WOW !!..

I got white screen ! ! ! =(

I read a lot of posts and everything should be ok, please Guys HELP ME !!

shield link

lcd link


Just an overview....it appears you are on the right board, you are using the right library, and you have a good display. I do have one concern about the shield. Have you found others using this combination? The iteads use a shield with ICs to reduce voltage while the elecfreaks use resistors. Shouldn't be an issue but maybe something to look at.


hi 997_1
I read your earlier posts about lcd's

Maby my Arduino is damaged, i see wired pins on the soldering microcontroler.

I made a small test for example led blink, I gave "HIGH" on pin 35, led is light up but also lights on pin 34 ...
very strange ...

SO..  i must order new arduino board

Maby buy a mega DUE so i have a question -> something like; pin mapping will be correct with the standard examples ?

I dont want any unnecessary problems on start lcd with ARM microcontroler

I greet you, the only one who You replied


I would be complete blown away if your Arduino was bad. I have never had a bad board and could estimate I have had 40-50 Arduinos.
In your blink example purposely place your pin 34 low and try your experiment again on pin 35 and 34.
Give me a few days and I will try my 5"itead on an elecfreak shield and let you know what happens.


I connectet electric meter and the pin is wired, closed circuit ...


When i buy shield , first im buy ITDB02 Arduino MEGA Shield v2.0 but dosnet work, i call to    

The guy built a own my part setup  He did a few tests and said that this shield does not work with 4.3 and 5.0 lcd 1963 and send me elecfreaks v1.2 ...

so I think the shield is ok. nevermind

I read about DUE and i see the logic voltage is 3.3v so I will have to remove resistors on shield
and closed circuit and everything should be fine.

Am right ?

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