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Hay guys heres my idea
i have a very lousy memory if i do say myself. so i think if i could make a memory game maybe i could improve my memory or atleast its a fun project to do and play.
ok heres how i imagine it to be for start
there would be rows of 10 led that would light up in random. ouh yeah i forget to tell you this is the type of led that have 2 colours red and green type. maybe i chose the 2 pin type so i could charliplex it.
that row of led will light up maybe about 10 second, then it will play maybe like a light chaser like the knight rider style KIT light.
then it will blink like 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1, and by that time the player have to press 10 corresponding switch located below the led, maybe for first level the player dont have to press the switch in a sqeuncial manner. but thats for later.  how about it is it fisible to do it or not.
my head is flowing with idea. maybe i would put a buzzer for each time the player wrongly guess it will sound the theeet sound meaning its the wrong answer with the coresponding led will light up red.


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yeah i guess you could say that.... i read the post you gave me AWOL and yeah its almost as i imagine it but maybe a bit more dificult to do... urm thats AWOL, i could say that perticular game didnt reach my part of the world but hay maybe i havent seen it b4

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